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I’m not a writer, and I don’t pretend to be. But there are things that I do in my life that might be interesting to share and discuss in this format. As the first post of my microblog, I want to confess that I’m a serial tinkerer and learner. If you are curious and wondering about what fascinates me, you are in the right place. I do post some images on Instagram at i/heesoolee and i/escvan

My current project is trying to build a mid-life escape van that will be my office, camper, & wannabe overlander at some point.

I dabble in design, trying to build electric vehicles, work with my hands (wood & metal using some precision) and try to leave our earth a little bit better for our children. Some days of the week, you can find me roaming around LACI’s Advance Prototyping Center in Los Angeles, CA.

heesoo.org @heesoo