Win10 + VS Code + Debian WSL + pyenv = To much to ask?

Win 10 WSL fun with VS Code as Mac User

We are officially on vacation mode but I always trying keep myself busy and try something new. I’ve been wanting to do MP3 ID2v3 editing on python that I wanted to explore. Windows 10 WSL and a recent native support on VS Code seem like a good way to keep myself up to date on recent progress on Microsoft tools. VS Code with WSL launch time can be bit slow but once up the lag goes away mostly.

For my setup, I’m using Debian WSL. In good measure I wanted to see if it can alwo handle pyenv and DejaVu Powerline font in the VS Code terminal window.

To my surprise, the setup works well for now. In full screen mode, Windows 10 almost disappears. With modern ultralight laptops in recent vintage, the setup might be a solid alternative to Apple MBP for those have Windows requirement such as Outlook for your office. @heesoo