Minimum Website

I don’t know about you guys, I do not like seeing my bandwidth sucked up by trackers and adservers. I normally have them filtered through VPN proxy on iOS and other means on each desktop web browsers. As good web citizen, I think we should all support the products we love and I pay for things that worth our time. So given that I see some website are very much written to scrape as much user data with javascript hooks that just create spaghetti of mess; which basically become useless under my filtering methods and fails flat - some sites don’t even load a single image. Please note that I do not want to be part of your product, we should all suspect that we are the product if something is free. But at least when you code, please be wise that there are people willing to pay for your service if it makes them happy… which mean you need at least a Minimum Website.

Empty page = 😞 @heesoo